Dario Acosta Teich


Raised in a typical Argentinian home surrounded by traditional culture and folk music but with a classical education at the same time. This “constantly running away from the comfort zone” artist brings a refined guitar technique applied to worldwide popular music through extremely creative arrangements.

Jazz harmonies, Latin American groove, open-minded Free Jazz techniques and meticulous work in the field of improvisation, come together through the Dario Acosta Teich’s music.


He was born in Tucuman, Argentina in November of 1986. At the age of 11, encouraged by his parents, he started to study Guitar at the Conservatory of the city.

He took courses and lessons with recognized teachers and musicians.

After graduating as a guitar performer in 2008, he decided to move to Buenos Aires to study Composition at the University of La Plata. One year later he was invited to become a cooperating teacher in the academic topic “Argentinian Folklore”.

In 2015 he was awarded a scholarship to study a Master’s degree in jazz performance at the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance.


As a performer, he gave numerous concerts as a soloist as well as in huge number of groups and ensembles, not only in Argentina, but in many parts of the world. He participated in highlighted festivals, including the "Young Chamber Music" International Festival in Chile, the “Guitarras del Mundo” International Festival in different opportunities, the "Jerusalem Jazz" International Festival, the “Cosquin Folklore” Festival among others.

He collaborated with many of the most recognized musicians in Argentina, such as: Juan Falu, Nahuel Pennisi, Ernesto Snajer, Teresa Parodi, Peteco Carabajal, Cecilia Zabala, Lucho Hoyos, among many others. His music was highly acclaimed by big leaders of the music scene in Israel such as: Idan Raichel, Albert Beger, Achinoam Nini and Daviv Broza. In New York in 2017 Dario was invited to record with William Parker (one of the greatest exponents of the world free jazz scene) for his album “Voices fall from the sky”.

As a composer, he wrote numerous pieces for solo instruments as well as ensembles and orchestra, some of which have been performed by the “National University of Tucuman Symphonic Orchestra”. He composed the music track of local movies. He worked as a composer, arranger and main performer of “Argentina: Bombo y Milonga” Music and Dance Project, performing not only in Argentina but also in Mexico, receiving great reviews from the press.

So far he has performed in Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Israel, Palestine, Spain, Belgium, France, Netherlands, England, Czech Republic, Austria, United States and Canada. 

His second solo album “To Fly” which is based on improvisations was released by the label MULATTA RECORDS in New York in January 2019. A few months later it was nominated as best instrumental album for the “Mercedes Sosa” Awards in Argentina.

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